Heavy-booted and wild-eyed

i want the desert right now.

i want new mexico.

i spent my whole evening making so many cookies and i’m not sure how they turned out because my oven shouldnt be used for making nice things but we will see 


hey hey hey i did a feral dogs shirt for night vale radiooo now available in the night vale radio stooore

look how goofy it is it makes me laugh a lot so it must be good!! please wear it with a leather jacket only, it is illegal not to

this fucking dog is literally me

would it be vain to wear a shirt with myself on it?

would it be weird to wear it without pants?


diary photographs from 2012 that i think look good together

I'm watching Fever Pitch and it's only because you love Jimmy Fallon so much


ok NOW i disappear from internet

gonna buy this shirt and never take it off