Heavy-booted and wild-eyed

its 430 in the morning and i feel horrible about myself


my life is a joke so i’m awake at 3:45 am cleaning up blood and writhing in pain

fucking kill me please

all i want to do is make music and it never comes out right and im gonna go lay facedown on the floor

I need to dye my hair so badly ugh

I’m hanging out with Mandy for her mandiversary and she’s such a good girl and i’m so excited she’s a dog and she hangs out with me

I’m feeling pretty crappy about myself and wondering if I will do anything worth mentioning before I turn 25.
24 was a pretty rough year.

Valentino Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear

im going to rip my uterus out of my fucking body holy shit

The pros of this IUD are

  • non-hormonal
  • dont have to take a pill
  • it can hang out there for like ten years
  • not getting pregnant
  • there’s metal in my body and i feel like im part robot

The cons are

  • holy fucking shit ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow it fucking hurts so bad holy fucking shit its the worst thing and it makes me really fucking unpleasant to hang out with because i just want to kick anyone near me and curl up into the fetal position and scream for three days until its fucking over ow ow ow ow owo w ow owowowowowowoowowwwwwwww ow ow ow ow ow fucking OW

im not usually a baby about physical pain but fucking hell, uterus

When I wake my phone up, it displays a picture of daemon, and when I unlock it, a picture of Mandy.
I have so many animal babies.